Monday, 15.07.2013

Fresh Salmon Mousse

This starter would be delicious before the Asian style belly pork and can be served with horseradish sour cream, dill, capers and crostini shards

400g fresh salmon
250ml cream
Small handful of dill
60g capers
100g horseradish
250g sour cream
1 French loaf
1 onion
Black pepper
2 bay leaves
2 cloves garlic
Olive oil
½ lemon
50ml white wine
2 cloves


  • Poach salmon 4-5 mins in a pan with ½ onion, garlic, dill, bay leaves, salt and pepper
  • Cool salmon
  • Whip cream and chop dill
  • Cut 12 slices of French loaf, put on platter. Douse with olive oil and put in oven at 180oC for 8-12 mins until crispy
  • Mix salmon, cream, dill and seasoning
  • Mix sour cream and horseradish separately and add seasoning
  • Form cones of salmon mousse and place on crostini
  • Garnish the plate with the horseradish-sour cream sauce and the capers.



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