Namib Mills

1982 Namib Mills established: Namib Mills started its operations as a humble milling company in Windhoek.
1982 Maize mill opened: Top Score, which is our leading maize meal brand in the country was started. The Windhoek mill is capable of milling 10 tons of maize per hour.
1986 Wheat mill opened: Milling of wheat flour only takes place in Windhoek at 12 tons per hour, assisting in sustaining national food security for the Namibian People.
2001Pasta plant commissioned: This plant is amongst the top three most modern plants in the Southern Hemisphere and was built by Pavan.
2009 Complete Mix plant commissioned: Namib Mills developed a range of special products for bakeries, called “Complete Mix" to which the baker only has to add water. These products offer convenience to bakeries and enable them to increase bakery productivity.

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Tel: 061-2901000
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SUPPORT to the NCA in 2015:
Sponsorship of sugar and flour for all competitions

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