Meat Corporation of Namibia Ltd. - Meatco

The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) is a meat processing and marketing organisation, serving markets locally and internationally on behalf of Namibian farmers. We supply premium quality products, produced to world class standards and practices. Our products are customer specific and traceable from the fork all the way back to the farm.
At Meatco, we have some of the strictest food quality and safety processes in the world to cater for our discerning customers globally. In recent years Meatco has also started to integrate backwards into the value chain to produce our own slaughter-ready livestock and to ensure consistency of supply.

Contact us:
Physical Address: Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek
Tel: 061-3216400

SUPPORT to the NCA in 2015:
Supply and sponsorship of prime Namibian beef cuts for competitions.

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