Food Lovers Market / Fruit & Veg City

Fruit & Veg City was started in 1993 by brothers Brian and Mike Coppin. Since the beginning it has always been a family business, with emphasis placed on good old family values such as wholesomeness, trust, honesty and integrity.
The next step in the evolution of Fruit & Veg City was to create a modern eatery where food aficionados could indulge in a range of gourmet foods. It was this vision that finally gave birth to the Food Lover’s Market, a theatre of food that was designed specifically with connoisseurs in mind.

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Food Lover’s Market outlets are to be found in WIndhoek at HyperCity and Wernhill Park and also in Swakopmund.

SUPPORT to the NCA in 2015:
Support in kind for various competitions and with vouchers for our national & international chefs to go shopping for the African Culinary Cup

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