Desert Hills

!Nara food oil  100% pure – natural - healthy - proudly Namibian. Food connoisseurs savor the intense fruity-nutty flavor of this unique Namibian oil.
The  !Nara oil can be creatively used in a wide variety of hot and cold dishes….a truly new culinary experience. The natural !Nara oil can be used wherever you want to use a high quality, wholesome and aromatic oil.
Enjoy your Saturday (11 to 16 o/clock ) shopping in our desert hills farm stall. Find !Nara food delicatessen, home produce (see list) as well as the whole range of !Nara cosmetics. Have a fresh wholesome light meal prepared by the desert hills farm bistro and enjoy the warm atmosphere and sunny desert views.

Contact us:
Stefanie & Volker Huemmer
Physical Address: Desert Hills Farm, D1901, Swakoptal
Telephone: 064-461361
Mobile: 0811290375
email: n.a.

SUPPORT to the NCA in 2015:
Desert Hills supported NCA with !Nara Oil as prizes for our international judges.

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