Hotel Thule

According to a Scandinavian myth Thule refers to a place where reality and imagination meet. High on a hill above the city of Windhoek where the free winds blow and far horizons beckon, the unique Hotel Thule offers unsurpassed views, an exclusive getaway, and warm hospitality. Come and enjoy the relaxing pleasures of a remote country estate.
The in-house restaurant of Hotel Thule not only offers international style cuisine with a Namibian flavour, but also a spectacular view of the city of Windhoek. The adjoining balcony is ideal for ‘alfresco’ wining and dining, whilst admiring the star-lit skies above, or for starting the day with a scrumptious breakfast.

Contact us:
Physical Address: 1 Gorges Street, Windhoek
Te.: 061-371950
email: n.a.

SUPPORT to the NCA in 2015:
Sponsorship of reception events for international NCA competitions, training week for winners of the NCA Schools Chef of the Year Competition

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