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FNB Namibia Ltd. provides a full range of banking services to individuals, while FNB Business and RMB Namibia offer services and solutions that meet the needs of enterprises - both large and small - throughout the country.
Our extensive countrywide branch and automated teller machine (ATM) networks, as well as self service channels such as FNB Namibia Online Banking, Cellphone Banking, FNB App & .mobi sites ensure that you have access to your accounts around the clock.
Investing in the community and future of our country is a priority. The FNB Namibia Foundation is the vehicle through which we support non-profit organisations and institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community.

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SUPPORT to the NCA in 2015:
Considerable cash cheques for the winner fo the NCA Chef of the Year Competition as well as very welcome financial support for several other events organised by the NCA

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