The current benefits of Namibian Chefs Association membership are:

It’s not what you know but who you know: Our events, such as the Chef of the Year Competition, the  Ultimate Establishment Challenge and the Global Chefs Challenge, help you to network with fellow chefs, assisting you in finding career opportunities and advice on a chef career. Why join the NCA?     

Expand your professional network:

Many people only connect with those who work directly with them. Professional associations like the Namibian Chefs Association allow you to build relationships with professionals in your field that may not necessarily be a co-worker. This is essential for business growth as current contacts can be very limiting. The NCA logo’s can be worn on chefs jackets. Students should also take advantage of professional associations as it allows you to meet other people working in their field. This opens up the opportunity for future job prospects and contacts. 

Consistent updates on current industry trends and developments:

The NCA hosts training workshops and cooking classes on the latest trends, new recipes and members get first option and are often are  allowed to attend at a free or discounted rate. These workshops are often inclusive and taught by professionals from the industry; allowing you to gain from their experience and knowledge. Greater knowledge about your industry gives you a competitive edge against competition for new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

An opportunity to increase awareness of your establishment:

Establishments, this is an ongoing avenue to promote your business through our newsletter, participation in events and competitions while simultaneously receiving exposure to and develop an insight into other establishments and their strategies to help create long-lasting successful businesses. 

Discover what other hotels, restaurants and lodges are doing:

Many individuals get trapped in their own way of doing things. Gaining exposure to other ways of doing business is a necessity, as employers are constantly looking for chefs, cooks, waiters and maitre de’s who are innovative and creative, and  bring fresh ideas  to their companies. 

Access to monthly newsletters:

Our monthly newsletter, ‘Keep it Cooking’ is packed with information on the industry, trends, recipes and news. Sometimes we include job listings and an opportunity for members to advertise what or who  they are looking for. This is also another way to stay up to date with what your association is doing without having to attend every members meeting. These newsletters also promote what other Chefs Associations, outside of our region, are doing.  

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Job Opportunities:

Our Association advertises jobs on the newly established website. It allows you to advertise yourself to prospective employers and our Business coordinator will advertise positions via email if requested.     


We represent some of the most prestigious competitions, both locally and nationally – NCA members are given preference for entry into these competitions, and they are an amazing way of raising your profile, gaining experience and meeting new people. 


Our Train the Trainers program, initiated in 2012, is the perfect way to enhance your skills, with courses such as knife skills, pastry, buffet, baking and meat preparation. Members receive a discount on courses. Nationwide workshops are planned for the future. 

Charity drives:

Every year NCA donate funds to a charity of their choice from one of their events such as the Cup Cake Campaign which donated funds to the Home for the Visually Impaired in Khomasdal in 2011. 

Attending meetings:

This is an opportunity to be heard, request activities, training, make suggestions on how you would like your association to serve your needs best. It enables you to meet and liaise with other members; in particular members of the committee, make new contacts, develop your professional network and make your input. 

Volunteer to join the committee Of the Namibian Chefs Association.

This will allow you to capitalize on the skills that you may or may not already possess. Also, you will have personal access to relationship building with other people within the association, and help steer the association in the direction you think it will serve its members most usefully.     


NCA members are invited to contribute recipes to various magazines such as Curvy Magazine, discounts on the NCA recipe books. 

Trade Events:

NCA often has complimentary tickets to trade events such as the Travel and Tourism Expo.  


There are opportunities to demonstrate skills at NCA events such as the Baking Competition, Boerewors Festival and Chef of the Year. 

Overseas Promotions:

NCA sends its members overseas to take part in international food competitions such as the Global Chefs Competition organized by WACS. 


NCA and SACA-accredited judges are often used for culinary competitions, including the  Ultimate Establishment Challenge, Chef of the Year, and the Shoprite Checkers Boerewors Competition. 

The benefits of joining the Namibian Chefs Association are quite clear. Are you ready to join, attend meetings, and become an active committee member? Yes.

Write to us and complete a membership form. Make the most out of your membership and become an active member and let us hear your ideas.

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